Real estate management

throughout Maresme and Costa Brava

Professional advice and property management with advantageous conditions

Management and sale of real estate with the added value of having a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, economists  and experts of administrative issues.

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Our real estate management services

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Real estate management in Maresme

Our main radius of action focuses on the areas of the Costa Brava and the province of Barcelona. The areas of the Maresme where we work the most are the coastal areas that extend from Malgrat, where we have the main office, to Montgat.

Costa Brava real estate management

Our services also include areas of the Costa Brava. The areas of the Costa Brava where we work the most are those that extend along its entire coast from Cadaqués and Roses to Blanes.

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Real estate management

Buying and selling real estate properties

Management services for the sale and purchase of flats, houses and premises with fees at fixed prices, without commissions therefore percent.

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Houses, flats, industrial building, business and lands

Real estate rental

We offer safe rentals by studying the viability of each operation, minimizing the risks and offering insurance protection  for non-payment.

processing deeds real estate at Malgrat de Mar
Settlement of taxes

Processing of deeds

Once the sale is made, we offer a deed processing service to the Property Registry and tax settlement.


Neighborhood communities

We offer community administration and wealth management services: economic, administrative, legal and maintenance management

Real estate investment at Malgta de Mar

Real estate investment

Full advice of real estate market, market trends, tax forecasts, economic planning, risk analysis.

Do you have questions?


Here you can find some answers of the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

  • Deed of sale.
  • Simple informative note
  • Certificate proving that you are up to date on the payment of the
  • Real Estate Tax.
  • Certification of being aware of the community of owners (if applicable)
  • Energy performance certificate
  • Certificate of occupancy.

Personal identification, security deposit and guarantee.
Proof of ownership.
Energy performance certificate.
Certificate of occupancy.

The tax value of a property refers to the Agency’s method for determining the price or value of a home for the payment of taxes in the event of the sale, purchase or inheritance of the home. Selling a property below the tax value carries the risk of a supplementary tax return that would be required.

Buying under the concept of “Certified Body” means that the buyer knows the property and buys as a unit and for a single price regardless of the actual meters can not claim from the seller, although the apartment has fewer square meters of deeds.

It is the pact of the reservation of the sale of movable or immovable property delivering as proof an amount of money as a token.

Confirmatory: as part of payment of the total price. If one of the parties does not comply, the other may demand compliance with the contract or its termination and compensation for damages.

Punitives: amount that the buyer will lose or will have to return folded the seller in case the sale is not made within a certain period.

Penalties: amount that the buyer will lose. Unlike penitentiary deposits, the seller cannot withdraw from the contract: an amount that the buyer will lose or the seller will have to return folded in the event that the sale is not made within a certain period.