Professional advice and property management with advantageous conditions

We present the income tax return for individuals, the self-employed and companies. We advise for maximum performance with good planning for residents and non-residents. As a PAE Point, a point of attention for entrepreneurs, we facilitate and support the creation of new companies and their development.

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Our goal

We accompany, advise and promote the business of our clients with good business planning and a philosophy of good practices and continuous and persistent improvement.

Our business vision

We offer transparent and formative business and business management services, in which our clients learn administration and feel that their businesses are well supported.

Services of

Tax and accounting management

Here are some of the traditional management services in our industry

Point of attention to the entrepreneur

PAE point

We offer entrepreneurial services. For Start-ups, small and medium companies and the self-employed (freelancers). Compatible with all kinds of businesses.

Management services

Migration law

We manage the main migration procedures with electronically document management

to companies and freelancers

Tax and accounting advice

Accounting and tax management services for companies and the self-employed, using legal technologies.

Companies, freelancers and individuals

Employment advice

Carrying out procedures (terminations, dismissals and human resources) for employers and workers.

Companies, feelancers and individuals

Grants and subsidies

Obtaining and processing all kinds of aid and subsidies for companies and the self-employed.

For all kind of vehicles

Traffic procedures (DGT-Dirección General de Tráfico)

Proceedings before the “Traffic Headquarters”. Changes in ownership, notifications, cancellations, deliveries, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

  1. Draft tax return and data
  2. Your ID and that of your direct relatives
  3. Account number of your bank or savings bank
  4. The cadastral reference of your home
  5. Certificate of job performance
  6. Copies of the return on real estate capital
  7. Yields on movable capital
  8. Performance of economic activities in modules
  9. Documents justifying your capital gains
  10. Documents required to make deductions

The deadline for submitting the draft declaration and the income and equity declarations, whatever their result, will be between 1 April and 30 June, inclusive.

The tax period of the SI coincides with the financial year of each entity, and may not exceed 12 months. The closing date of the financial year is determined in the articles of association of the companies. If it does not end on December 31 of each year.

VAT is declared using form 303, in your case; four quarterly returns are submitted in the following terms: the first three quarters between the 1st and 20th of April, July and October and the fourth quarter between the 1st and 30th of January of the following year . The annual summary form 390 must be submitted by January 30th.

In the case of tax debts the article 66 of the General Tax Law it prescribes the four the following day in which the term for submitting the declaration or self-assessment ends.