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Legal services in the areas of civil, commercial, criminal, administrative and tax law in a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, economists and administrative managers with a high level of specialization in different areas of law. We find it at Carrer Sant Esteve 32 in Malgrat de Mar.

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Legal services in Malgrat de Mar.

Our goal is to offer quality services and that the customers obtains the maximum satisfaction, committed to offering accessible legal services for all

Main services

Family services

Divorce by mutual consent without trial with presentation of a regulatory agreement agreed between the parties.

+ VAT and "procurador" separately
llei de la segona oportunitat Malgrat de Mar

To entrepreneurs

Second Oportunity (Personal bankruptcy)

Management and support for individuals and the self-employed during the second opportunity law process.




+ VAT and other costs
judici de conformitat Malgrat de Mar

Court assistance

Court agreement

Judgments in which the best option is an agreement. They are usually quick and agile in which a good deal is better than a good judgment


+VAT and other costs


Family law


Criminal law


Labor law


Civil and commercial law


Tax law


Administrative law

Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers.

Yes. We offer the possibility of payment splitting adapted to each case.

You must attend to testify before the police or the court where you will be informed of the content of the facts being investigated and your rights.

In most proceedings, it is advisable to take advantage of the right not to testify. However, each case must be analyzed to ensure the best defense.

In some more serious cases the non-declaration may harm the defense and may justify the adoption of measures such as provisional imprisonment or the adoption of civil measures.

The rights of the detainee are determined in article 520 of the LECRIM being the most relevant:

  • Know the reason for your arrest
  • Keep silent or declare freely.
  • Right to an interpreter.
  • Presumption of innocence
  • Report the arrest.
  • Be assisted by a lawyer.
  • Detention period up to 72 hours

Detention lasts a maximum of 72 hours.

Except for crimes of private prosecution, such as insults and slander, complaints cannot be withdrawn, as the prosecution will prosecute the crime commission ex officio.

It is necessary to prove a fixed address, social, family and economic ties. If you have a permanent home, social and family roots, a job, you can facilitate the adoption of other less expensive measures such as court appearances or bail.

No. The liability assumed for the obligatory payment of a debt is solely patrimonial.

However, a crime of fraud can be committed if the debts are contracted with the will not to pay them, of unfair administration in the case of administrators of companies, a crime of seizure of goods can be committed or a crime of abandonment of family can be committed in the case of non-payment of alimony and debts for criminal penalties can be replaced by imprisonment.

The criminal conviction for driving by efects of alcohol or drugs shall be imprisonment or a fine, or work for the benefit of the community and with the withdrawal of the driver’s license.

Sentences of less than 2 years in prison can be suspended with requirements.

To suspend the prison sentence it is necessary:

  • lack of criminal record
  • payment of civil liability
  • Conditioning the suspension to non-recidivism for a period that is usually 2 years.

Exceptionally, the suspension of the conditional sentence may be granted for the performance of work for the benefit of the community.